Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Noli takes on the world of food

While I ate my cereal with bananas, Noli had a thought.

We had a little chat and Noli admitted that she would like me to share.

Holding her bottle, she reiterated her love for Mommy milk.

First bite of banana.
Thinking about it.

Reaching out for more

Mommy and her mommy group friends got together to make some organic baby food with a really cool UK mom.

Noli decides that though she is ready for food, she's not ready for dating.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hanging out with Noli's buddies

Noli won the Castle Hill Concert Series raffle on Mommy and Daddy's 4 year wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, she won a gift certificate for the same ice cream truck that they used on their wedding day!
Noli is doing the fist pump for her groovy tunes.
Molly's last day before going back to school. Noli will miss her!

Getting tired, so taking a little thumb sucking breather with Heather and Mommy before the next set.
Ali, Gray and Noli posing for the world.
Hooked up on the beach with her girls.
Noli making all the girls on the beach look like hags.
Loving on Aja before she headed for the West Coast.

Resting up for another fun visit.Modeling her cool dudette onesie from Aja.
Noli loves organic rice cereal and homemade mashed bananas.

Noli's Summer Vacation

After a painfully short and incredibly rainy summer, Noli demanded to be taken on a fun summer vacation. We went to Bahhh Hahbahh for the weekend. The five hour drive north was a bit rough on the little monkey at times. She is not a car girl.

The Nolster was dragging us all over Acadia National Park. We swam, slept, ate bananas, hiked Cadillac Mountain, took a boatride around the harbor, had dinner at Jordan's Pond, took in the Bar Harbor Jazzfest, shopped, sang, cried, and flirted with virtually every passerby. She was the most popular guest at the Bar Harbor Regency this weekend.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our First Post

Too much time has passed and not enough of you have had the chance to see how big and cute Noli's gotten and stay current on her very dynamic life. So here's my start. There have been thousands of photo shoots with Ali this summer and here's a great one. Noli is rarely dressed with her earth loving sister.