Thursday, November 27, 2008

Loving Gina and her unbelievably beautiful family

Love at first sight. Gina--THE Gina of Bren and Ali's life--meeting Noli at their new-old-house in Groton.
Some things never change--Gina gives the coolest gifts. In the Brendan and Ali era, clothes came from the Spice and Grain in Concord. That store went out of business in 1971....

Daddy watched The Grinch with Luke and Owen. Cutest, nicest, sweetest boys ever. (and they can color and stay in the lines.)

the most framable photo in human history

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stage One Crawling

The first stage for crawling is to do a solid Plank. Age: 8 months

Much different from simply bearing weight--baby stuff--Noli now reaches for things to hold on to so that she can pull herself up to standing--big girl.

With calls coming in from all over the state following a leak about a crawling sighting. Noli decides to distract us from our expectations by doing another new trick--find tongue.

And now finally performing for the camera--Crawling!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween and Noli is an Organ Grinder

Noli, Organ Grinder, working hard to follow in her sister's street performing talent footsteps.You are looking at her most recent expression, saying something like, "Wait until I tell you this one."
Like her mother, Noli thinks her own jokes are hilarious. Unlike her mother, Noli tends to remember punchlines.

Noli and Anson, delicious sweet lobster.
You are looking at the killer shark of the Infant Halloween party. Hazel, who has become so famous, that strangers stop her at Target to discuss her mother's blog.
Hazel, the Tiger shark going in for the kill with an innocent, sweet giraffe.

Hazel showing no mercy with Dr. Liam
Noli, saying, "a GIRAFFE might be one thing, but leave the doctor alone!" follows in her mother's footsteps, by running to the defense of innocent physicians.
Infant Mosh Pit

Weekends are pretty fun

Hello. Welcome to this autumnal edition of Noli's blog.
The calves were dressed up by the 4H kids who have been taking care of them since they were born. Boys are going to slaughter and girls are going to be organic milk providers. Sorry, guys, it's the harsh truth.
Of course, there was a cow parade. This is life in Ipswich.
Noli's big crush. Uncle Mark has a really cool voice. Auntie Naughty is cool, too, but just wait a minute, I think he's about to say something....
Uncle Wally and Auntie Barbara, just being polite.
"Uncle" Taylor: Wanda and Noli's playground. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA!
Birthday kisses from Wanda. Something interesting is up there.Birth-day celebrating with Brianne and that thing is still up there.
Carl is four years old! Daddy, Mommy, Mima and Brianne. enjoying a nice lobster lunch Sunday.

Daddy and Noli are SO CUTE!!!! (Okay, so now I gave it away that it's Laurie doing this blogging. But come on, be honest, you knew when you read my goofy captions, right? Daddy's are much more witty.) I would just like to take this opportunity to say publicly that having Noli is just the best thing ever. I like to tell Mike that I selflessly "gave him this baby" but let's be serious.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Gluttony of Luvin with Friends and Family

Noli's cousins will be her idols in a few short years and in all likelihood, one of these girls will be the American Idol, too.

Ron "Morty" Paskaviz: Underboss and revered patriarch of the Paskavitz clan

Auntie Laura modeling how Paskavitz girls show off their gorgeous lips.

Brendan and Noli's recent heart to heart about the trials and tribulations of being a long-suffering Red Sox fan. She has never experienced the joy of a World Series title in her lifetime.

Noli winning the wrestling match with Uncle Jim.

Proud as a peacock with Uncle Jim and Auntie Darrelyn

Mima is proud as a peacock that she got Noli to sleep!

Noli hanging out with her first friend, Beanie.

Wheelchair rides are fun with Mima, especially with her new shocks and struts.

Lyndsay: Uber Nanny and loving big cousin

Auntie Cheryl (aka: Nina) and Mommy snuggling while Noli tries to rest

Rachel and Noli sitting in a tree...

Miss Magnolia expressing that she's had just about enough of Mommy and Daddy's jokes and shenanigans. The same material, over and over and over.

Noli and Auntie Laura hung out in Newburyport to get some good shopping under her diaper. Noli received a world class education in "bahh-gin" shopping from the master.

This grunting and moaning is the cutest thing she does just before falling asleep. Such fatigue tends to happen when you hike as often--and as far--as the Paskavitz family likes to do.

"Magno-la-la" slow dancing to the cool rhythms of Carlos Santana with even cooler Uncle Chris.

No, this isn't an outtake from "Raising Arizona", it's Jen (aka "Cape Cod Jen") and Marty at their first visit. Clean it up, Marty.
Jen (aka "Wellesley Jen") reconnecting with some snuggle and massage. I'm sure Noli remembers Jen's magical belly massages from when Mommy was pregnant.

Uncle Ted, "The Baby Whisperer" discussing the upside of a good, long nap--Republican style!

Noli's Birthday Party for Brendan

It was quite a week for Brendan McGuirk. Not only did he land a great job as an editor for the Boston Herald's website on the same day the Dow Jones dropped nearly 800 points (trickle up economics), but he celebrated his birthday at the same time. So elated was Noli for her big brother's good fortune that she insisted on taking him to The Hilltop Steakhouse for a steak, a frosty one, and some witty banter.

Ali's "Money Song" for Noli

We went to UMass to visit Ali over the holiday weekend and Ali serenaded Noli with a song she wrote for her while Laurie was pregnant. In fact, this song has become Ali's so-called "money song" at the restaurant/club she headlines at on Friday nights in Amherst. Get out your hankies, folks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Noli's Holiday Notes From A Small Island

Mummy, Daddy and me on our first night in London, before we went out to eat. I had mushy peas and boob milk.
When Mummy and Daddy fell asleep in the hotel, I watched BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3 on the telly until I just crashed from too much perspective on global events. Sometimes I just want to laugh, you know.
Can you say "flirt" (Noli, too)?
During our trip, we were asked by five different strangers if they could take a picture of Noli. How amazing is this child. This was taken by a Japanese guy as Noli listened to a band.
"This is Noli Paskavitz of the BBC, reporting live from Regent Street in London, where a marching band is making really fun sounds."
My first time on a merry go-round, and I didn't even spit up. It was FAB!!!
The Wilson Family (Gavin, Paula and Matt) took me to the carnival on Regent Street on my second day in London
Me and Auntie Samantha had a blast at this really hip Thai restaurant off of Ladbroke Grove
About 20 people walked and tried to make me and this palace guard smile. Neither of us budged.
Mummy and me outside of Buckingham Palace, which is in the country of London
Mummy and me on our Grand Day Out in London