Thursday, November 27, 2008

Loving Gina and her unbelievably beautiful family

Love at first sight. Gina--THE Gina of Bren and Ali's life--meeting Noli at their new-old-house in Groton.
Some things never change--Gina gives the coolest gifts. In the Brendan and Ali era, clothes came from the Spice and Grain in Concord. That store went out of business in 1971....

Daddy watched The Grinch with Luke and Owen. Cutest, nicest, sweetest boys ever. (and they can color and stay in the lines.)

the most framable photo in human history

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stage One Crawling

The first stage for crawling is to do a solid Plank. Age: 8 months

Much different from simply bearing weight--baby stuff--Noli now reaches for things to hold on to so that she can pull herself up to standing--big girl.

With calls coming in from all over the state following a leak about a crawling sighting. Noli decides to distract us from our expectations by doing another new trick--find tongue.

And now finally performing for the camera--Crawling!