Sunday, September 21, 2008

Noli's Holiday Notes From A Small Island

Mummy, Daddy and me on our first night in London, before we went out to eat. I had mushy peas and boob milk.
When Mummy and Daddy fell asleep in the hotel, I watched BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3 on the telly until I just crashed from too much perspective on global events. Sometimes I just want to laugh, you know.
Can you say "flirt" (Noli, too)?
During our trip, we were asked by five different strangers if they could take a picture of Noli. How amazing is this child. This was taken by a Japanese guy as Noli listened to a band.
"This is Noli Paskavitz of the BBC, reporting live from Regent Street in London, where a marching band is making really fun sounds."
My first time on a merry go-round, and I didn't even spit up. It was FAB!!!
The Wilson Family (Gavin, Paula and Matt) took me to the carnival on Regent Street on my second day in London
Me and Auntie Samantha had a blast at this really hip Thai restaurant off of Ladbroke Grove
About 20 people walked and tried to make me and this palace guard smile. Neither of us budged.
Mummy and me outside of Buckingham Palace, which is in the country of London
Mummy and me on our Grand Day Out in London
Me and Daddy saying hi to Beepa from Betty's Tea Room in Harrogate
Noli studying for her "A Levels" in Saltaire with Mommy and Bob
Are you off your trolley? I hate bangers and mashed.
These two BFFs spell T-R-U-B-B-L-E
I mean, who HASN'T come across a massive quilt-covered pig when touring a 300 year old church.
My hero Daddy protecting me from a rabid, deranged, killer chicken in Ripley
The Paskavitz Family visiting the village of Ripley in Yorkshire, known for being, well, really old
Noli saying "ta" to her Harrogate hosts and surrogate English family, Bob and Nadia May
I was bloody KNACKERED!
Although it was a bit tricky from my car seat in the taxi, I was able to get a good one of Mummy and Daddy smiling
Mike and the Emslie family on Oxford Street - (Mike worked with Stuart and Kirstine during his time in England, their cherubs are Ella and Robert)
Noli pointing out the elaborate marble fountains at Trafalgar Square from atop the Hop On, Hop Off tour bus
Noli doing her imitation of a slapstick British stand-up comedian in front of Trafalgar Square
We realized that Noli is actually an anagram for Lion (this from Trafalgar Square), which makes Mike feel very proud of his little girl
Big Ben and Parliament against the backdrop of a menacingly sunny day in London - the government issued an Amber Alert and something called "sunglasses" to all citizens
St. Paul's Cathedral, home of Royal Weddings, Coronations and Funerals (Noli wanted an antiqued rendition)
The Tower of London, the home of the Crown Jewels, where Noli visited on two occasions to understand all that is England
Noli teaching the Brits how to smile -- it ain't easy
Noli telling Mummy the real facts about the Tower Bridge, which she pointed out is often mistaken for London Bridge
Mummy and Noli partying at the circus, Piccadilly Circus, in London
Hi, I'm Noli Paskavitz and when I'm in England, I eat Hipp Organic Neeps
The connection between Roby and Noli was electric.

Noli's Notes From A Small Island