Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekends are pretty fun

Hello. Welcome to this autumnal edition of Noli's blog.
The calves were dressed up by the 4H kids who have been taking care of them since they were born. Boys are going to slaughter and girls are going to be organic milk providers. Sorry, guys, it's the harsh truth.
Of course, there was a cow parade. This is life in Ipswich.
Noli's big crush. Uncle Mark has a really cool voice. Auntie Naughty is cool, too, but just wait a minute, I think he's about to say something....
Uncle Wally and Auntie Barbara, just being polite.
"Uncle" Taylor: Wanda and Noli's playground. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WANDA!
Birthday kisses from Wanda. Something interesting is up there.Birth-day celebrating with Brianne and that thing is still up there.
Carl is four years old! Daddy, Mommy, Mima and Brianne. enjoying a nice lobster lunch Sunday.

Daddy and Noli are SO CUTE!!!! (Okay, so now I gave it away that it's Laurie doing this blogging. But come on, be honest, you knew when you read my goofy captions, right? Daddy's are much more witty.) I would just like to take this opportunity to say publicly that having Noli is just the best thing ever. I like to tell Mike that I selflessly "gave him this baby" but let's be serious.

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