Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Gluttony of Luvin with Friends and Family

Noli's cousins will be her idols in a few short years and in all likelihood, one of these girls will be the American Idol, too.

Ron "Morty" Paskaviz: Underboss and revered patriarch of the Paskavitz clan

Auntie Laura modeling how Paskavitz girls show off their gorgeous lips.

Brendan and Noli's recent heart to heart about the trials and tribulations of being a long-suffering Red Sox fan. She has never experienced the joy of a World Series title in her lifetime.

Noli winning the wrestling match with Uncle Jim.

Proud as a peacock with Uncle Jim and Auntie Darrelyn

Mima is proud as a peacock that she got Noli to sleep!

Noli hanging out with her first friend, Beanie.

Wheelchair rides are fun with Mima, especially with her new shocks and struts.

Lyndsay: Uber Nanny and loving big cousin

Auntie Cheryl (aka: Nina) and Mommy snuggling while Noli tries to rest

Rachel and Noli sitting in a tree...

Miss Magnolia expressing that she's had just about enough of Mommy and Daddy's jokes and shenanigans. The same material, over and over and over.

Noli and Auntie Laura hung out in Newburyport to get some good shopping under her diaper. Noli received a world class education in "bahh-gin" shopping from the master.

This grunting and moaning is the cutest thing she does just before falling asleep. Such fatigue tends to happen when you hike as often--and as far--as the Paskavitz family likes to do.

"Magno-la-la" slow dancing to the cool rhythms of Carlos Santana with even cooler Uncle Chris.

No, this isn't an outtake from "Raising Arizona", it's Jen (aka "Cape Cod Jen") and Marty at their first visit. Clean it up, Marty.
Jen (aka "Wellesley Jen") reconnecting with some snuggle and massage. I'm sure Noli remembers Jen's magical belly massages from when Mommy was pregnant.

Uncle Ted, "The Baby Whisperer" discussing the upside of a good, long nap--Republican style!

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