Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween and Noli is an Organ Grinder

Noli, Organ Grinder, working hard to follow in her sister's street performing talent footsteps.You are looking at her most recent expression, saying something like, "Wait until I tell you this one."
Like her mother, Noli thinks her own jokes are hilarious. Unlike her mother, Noli tends to remember punchlines.

Noli and Anson, delicious sweet lobster.
You are looking at the killer shark of the Infant Halloween party. Hazel, who has become so famous, that strangers stop her at Target to discuss her mother's blog.
Hazel, the Tiger shark going in for the kill with an innocent, sweet giraffe.

Hazel showing no mercy with Dr. Liam
Noli, saying, "a GIRAFFE might be one thing, but leave the doctor alone!" follows in her mother's footsteps, by running to the defense of innocent physicians.
Infant Mosh Pit

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Amanda said...

we have the most beautiful girls! im glad that the shark didnt decide to get a taste for monkey.